all about B1A4~

B1A4 is five south korean band boy founded by WM Entertainment. the band consists of  Jinyoung[Leader],Baro, Gongchan, Sandeul and CNU[shin woo] ,they have gained much due to being first intr0duce in a webtoon and for their unique sound mixing p0p with rock for their debut album. their group name,B1A4,has been explained as being due t0 0ne member having B blood type and f0r the 0ther f0ur having A blood type. it also stands for "be the one, all four one"
members pr0file

Jin Young

Jung Jin Young
blood type:A
18 November 1991
178 cm
59 kg
song writing, singing,acting


Chan Sun Woo
blood type:B
5 September 1992
178 cm
63 kg


Lee Jung Hwan
20 March 1992
blood type:A
178 cm
62 kg

Gong Chan

Gong Chan Sik
Vocals Maknae[youngest]
14 0ctober 1993
blood type:A
181 cm
60 kg


Shin ong Woo
Vocals, Rap
blood type:A
16 June 1991
182 cm
64 kg

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